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Best practices for successful innovation

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Rethinking schools: Blue School

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World’s most sustainable scooter

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David versus Goliath: disruptive technologies

This mind map was co-created with Petra Iuliano Why did Kodak had to file for bankruptcy? Why is Apple, originally started as a computer industry, able to disrupt almost any branch of industry (from music, books to television)? Remember the … Continue reading

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Innovation the easy way: find the bugs first

Mindmap © Hans Buskes Dave Stewart has a clever approach to innovation in his book The business playground. “Another approach to innovation  to see what needs to be changed about a product, service or situation, is to think about the … Continue reading

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The 7 innovators of music

Mindmap made by Hans Buskes & Jeroen van de Beek Considering the period from 1960 up to now, who are the seven (we restricted ourselves to just seven) musicians or bands that had “no respect for the status quo”. This … Continue reading

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How to tap your creativity

Mindmap © Hans Buskes I made this mind map after finishing the book by Dave Stewart (yes the musician, ex Eurythmics). A fine book about how to be creative. I like the part about defining bugs of a product in … Continue reading

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TEDxDelft: future car design, avoiding crashes

Mindmap © Hans Buskes, Gerrit Draad

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Hanging in the balance: innovator or copycat?

Discussions are sometimes very confusing. Steve Jobs has never been accused of plagiarism. One of the things Jobs learned from Dylan is that you first have to borrow ideas to arrive at innovations. In business it is well understood and … Continue reading

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3D mindmap: Dylan albums in triplets

Many Dylan albums can be categorized into triplets. Take e.g. Modern Times, Love and Theft  and Time out of mind. Or Slow train coming, Shot of love and Saved. Moreover, most of the times if Dylan “makes” triplets they belong … Continue reading

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