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Dylan’s web of influenced artists

The majority of the information is based on interviews, some are guesses on my part. Additions (or objections) are welcomed, to make this mind map complete. Thanks to Goodnitesteve for input. Related posts marketing lessons from Dylan 70 milestones

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Organic organization chart

Unfinished mind map to show that this is a much better way of depicting the organizational structure than the old-fashioned organization charts. Try to grasp the way of visualising and do not spend time on positions mentioned. Mind map is … Continue reading

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Fast decisions or slow decisions?

Malcolm Gladwell has a great story in an excellent book about the value of snap judgement (blink). It deals with the acquisition of a Kouros statue by the Getty Museum that afterwards proved to be forgery. According to Gladwell the … Continue reading

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Marketing lessons from Dylan

When the first Bootleg series came out and I heard the waltz version of Like a rolling stone, I knew why I like Dylan. He is willing to experiment. During concerts he is changing his songs constantly. Dylan said once … Continue reading

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7 remedies for Greek crisis

Got several reactions to my post slow mind mapping, like can you show one. Here is one: 7 remedies for the Greek crisis. In all newspapers you read solutions like rescue packages (not structural), bailout (not structural), selling assets (not … Continue reading

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