Reengineering bookstores

Here is some free advice for bookstore owners and managers.

Around the world bookstores are closing. As more readers decide to buy books on-line or to switch to e-books, it may be the end of the bookstores as we knew them, but in my opinion not as such.

The e-book is not a threat, but an opportunity. The ‘e’ stands for encountering, experiencing and entert(r)aining, not just ‘electronic’.

As Robert Niles blogs on OJR: “Borders (a bookstore chain in the US and UK) seems to have made the same mistake as countless other old media publishers and retailers have over the past decade – viewing digital and print as two separate products and businesses, rather than finding a way to naturally blend the two.”

Reengineer before it’s too late.

About Hans Buskes

I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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