The controversial Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is without doubt the most brilliant and influential figure in music.

See e.g. 70 milestones, Dylan at 70.

On the other hand he is controversial as well.

The top 3 (mapped on basis of the internet, expecting rain forum and books on Dylan) is ill judgement of his songs (four great songs are mentioned here, but there are dozens of them. Many even the great Dylan albums could have been better if many of the outtakes would have made it to the album), his controversial way of songwriting (and the numerous charges of plagiarism) and his voice becoming more cracked and raspy with every new concert (and lots of discussions among fans shouldn’t he stop touring).

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One Response to The controversial Bob Dylan

  1. brianfair says:

    Great graphic… but “Yonder Comes Sin”? No… “Series of Dreams”!

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