Myth busted (2): Dylan left-hander

This is the second in a series ‘Myth Busted’, see also: Dylan writing in Vernilya

See also Dylan blog #856 picture of Dylan signing Self Portrait (lovely blog by the way, also news – in Dutch- about the new Dylan album).

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I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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6 Responses to Myth busted (2): Dylan left-hander

  1. Darkeyez says:

    Yes, I understand the logic behind the map. I too was taken aback when he signed the Self Portrait with his right hand, it was the first thing I noticed when I saw it. One thing I can’t figure out is, he being generally thought of as a left-hander, none of his old friends from his days in the Village have ever spoken to the contrary. If anyone would know it would be them, he was a sponge at that time and was always writting in his notebook. My point being, I never said I thought for sure he was left handed – he could be ambidextrous as many geniuses are for all I know – I was just stating that it proves nothing. Someone else in the world could be doing this exact same thing trying to prove he’s a left-hander with pictures exact opposite of these. That being said, it just means there’s a 50/50 chance he’s either right or left handed – which is pretty unimportant information because everything has a 50/50 shot in raw terms. I look upon myself and why I write left-handed and do everything else with the other hand and can’t really come up with a concrete defineable reason. I’d like to say I had a choice about writing and just went with the flow on everything else but I believe it has more to do with comfort. If it is based in your comfort zone then, since he’s been seen writing with both, he must be comfortable in doing both otherwise why do it unless you’re trying to mess with someones head….and in that case he would be ambidextrous.

    • Understand your reasoning. However I have mapped 7 cases (writing, signing, playing tennis, table tennis, guitar playing, fist bump) showing he is right-handed. A professor in Psychology haven written a Prize winning book comes to the same conclusion. So my suggestion give at least 7 cases, -or even half- giving clues he could be left-handed or ambidextrous.

      • Darkeyez says:

        I just realized something. (Seeing as how we’ve all seen him doing things with both hands) this literally means that he’s ambidextrous, correct? Since ambidextrous is an adj which means “able to use both hands equally well” that pretty much closes the case, right? If he’s ambidextrous, or been proven to be such, there’s no factual way we could ever state he was either left OR right handed…he would just be ambidextrous. I’m not knocking the map, I enjoy them, I’m just saying that if you’ve got a person who writes with both hands they are not either right or left-handed but just plain ambidextrous. They may tend to write with one more than the other but that still doesn’t change the fact that they can write with both, which means neither right nor left but…. Make any sense?

  2. Darkeyez says:

    I write exclusively with my left hand. I do everything else as a right hander – guitar, tennis, raquetball, baseball, etc. The only reason I do everything else right handed is because I was forced to by society. This map proves nothing.

    • Have you studied the mind map closely? Dylan is also writing with his right hand (see e.g. the picture Dylan writing in a car or the YouTube film where he is signing Self Portrait). Except for the one time he signs an autograph left-handed, there is overwhelming evidence that he is a right hander.

      • ragman77 says:

        He has from time to time signed autographs with his left hand.
        However, he most often signs with his right hand.
        These days, it is very rare he signs at all.

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