Street Legal’s odds and ends

I always thought it to be such a strange coincidence that the picture of Dylan and Benson was taken in Melbourne. So I decided it was taken in ( I assumed chinese restaurant) in Los Angeles. I just found out that the tours of Benson and Dylan indeed overlapped in 1978 (scan the QR code) and that they have met in Melbourne. However, I can still not figure out why Dylan decided to use this one. To my knowledge there is musically no link and there is certainly no link to the album. Does anybody have a clue? Let me know.

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2 Responses to Street Legal’s odds and ends

  1. Max Maxwell says:

    The term “street legal” can refer to an automobile modified for racing purposes (larger engine, special tires, etc.) that is nonetheless legal to drive on the street. This term was well known in the U.S. in the 60s and what I understood it to refer to when the album came out.

  2. I took the title “Street Legal” to mean Bob was back on the streets after possibly recovering from a bout of drug abuse. He was clean, or on some detox, therefore the title of the album. He appears to be peeking out from that rundown building as though he just fell of the wagon (smell the tail of the dragon, reference to smoking heroin?) and is checking to see if anyone is coming or would notice him.

    Some of the songs (Where are You Tonight, Senor) seem to have possible drug references, but with Bob’s talent for vagueness who could be sure.

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