Linking Ronstadt to Dylan

Do Dylan and Linda Ronstadt have anything in common? Probably you would say no. However an automated mind map search (google/wiki) reveal several links, like performing at the same concert (Peace Sunday 1982), sharing the same background singer (Clydie King) and manager (Albert Grossman), both being influenced by Hank Williams and Elvis Presley. I would assume Dylan likes Ronstadt singing, as he played her version of the Michael Nesmith song Different Drum on Theme Time Radio Hour. Anyway, Ronstadt admires Dylan in an interview she once said: “Bob Dylan is such a beautiful performer … his phrasing is unbelievable… he’s such a real person too… you just know from his songs that he knows what suffering means. . . Blonde On Blonde was about the height of his being up tight with himself, but instead of getting destroyed he turned around, did “John Wesley Harding” which is so full of spiritual things … it’s honest because he commits himself.”

I always liked the powerful voice of Ronstadt (although not always her choice of songs), so a Dylan/Ronstadt duet would be something.

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2 Responses to Linking Ronstadt to Dylan

  1. diana says:

    I always enjoy your Dylan content.
    I recently did some playing around with one of your maps in some photo editing apps and posted them to fliker and facebook.
    It occurred to me I should have asked your permission!

    Here is a link to one of them on FB- there are a few more in the album.

    Here is the album on Fliker:

  2. Linda Ronstadt has covered Dylan’s “I”ll Be Your Baby Tonight”, “Mama (Baby) You’ve Been On My Mind” and – not forgetting her Mexican roots – “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” as can be seen in the mind map. Dylan’s forthcoming album with Mexican musicians may provide a further link.

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