Seven weird Dylan duets

Dylan and duets, it’s not a happy marriage. I simply do not know that many good duets. Exception is Pancho & Lefty (Dylan and Willie Nelson), It’s superb. To a lesser extent Every grain of sand (Dylan and Jennifer Warnes).

Mapped are seven weird duets for all kind of reasons. Most songs I don’t like as well with the exception of Gonna change my way of thinking. This is a steamy version (Dylan and Mavis Staples). However if you play the song often (which I did when it came out), the chatting partway into the song works against it. The same holds more or less for Buckets (nuggets) of rain. Except for the strange intro, the version could work quite nicely, but the chatting prevents replaying the song.

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About Hans Buskes

I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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6 Responses to Seven weird Dylan duets

  1. Robin Vivian Scott says:

    These Dylan mind maps you keep doing display some of the sharpest, and characteristically Dutch, critical acumen I have ever seen in the history of Dylanology – and with a minimum of verbosity. Less is more.

    Well done, keep up the good work

    Robin Vivian Scott

  2. Jann Lindsey says:

    Love Buckets of Rain with Bette Midler – very funny!

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  4. Darkeyez says:

    This is “weird duets” peeps…There’s a lot of weird duets on the complete basement tapes like Teenage Prayer. Kurtis Blow definately ranks up there as you said – and Nuggest of Rain. I’m assuming we’re talking vocally and not duets where someone just played with him like Mike Seeger on the “Hollis Brown” banjo version. I can’t remember if he sang on the Bromberg stuff, I’ll have to check. There’s the “Sign Language” duet too, Ginsberg stuff, and the Pete Seeger “Playboys And Playgirls”. Van Morrison in Greece, and I actually saw Dylan/Simon duet on The Boxer in Lafayette…and yes it was horrid LOL. But the weirdest duets in my mind were Baez…beautiful voice and ragged voice together at Peace Sunday….ugh

  5. funisnumberone says:

    Dylan and Patti Smith on Dark Eyes is a keeper, too.

  6. Milena Vroubel says:

    Dylan and Willie Nelson on Heartland is another goodie

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