The weird case of J.D.

Surfing the Internet for fresh news (impossible!, almost all is recycled news) on Tempest, I noticed that a lot of sites like the one of Huffington Post (or scan the QR-code in the mind map) have comments containing just a link (to the website of J.D.). Having missed the fuzz about the alleged copyright infringement against Dylan in the nineties concerning Dignity, decided to map the case (piece of cake, the claim is silly if you listen to J.D’s version for one thing, and the US court dismissed the claims in their entirety).

However, what struck me is that contrary to the Court’s logical decision, J.D. still claims (I have made print screens in case he is removing it because of this blog) the copyright on his website for both melody and lyrics (and claiming it different on different sections of his site which does make his already lost case not a bit stronger!).

Isn’t it time for some action of Dylan’s management considering the amount of spamming J.D. does?

About Hans Buskes

I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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