Interactive live top fifty Dylan songs

Blind Willie McTell is the most popular Dylan song. This is the result of an interactive live mind map session asking readers of this blog to name their top 7 favourite Dylan songs. (Dylan songs were ordered from 1 to 7. 1 for the highest category rhodium -most precious metal -, 2 for the second highest category platinum and so on).This resulted in a  top 50 of favourite Dylan songs.

The top 5 is:

  1. Blind Willie McTell
  2. Like a Rolling Stone
  3. Desolation Row
  4. Not dark yet
  5. Visions of Johanna

The value of this top 50? Tom wrote me: “This is my top 7 right now, but ask me tomorrow and it may be completely changed.” Well, this will apply to many of us.

In total there are nearly 48 (comments and e-mails) top 7 lists made (not all yet processed). Keep coming back for changes.

About Hans Buskes

I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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33 Responses to Interactive live top fifty Dylan songs

  1. 1. Where Are You Tonight?
    2. This Dream Of You
    3. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
    4. Standing In the Doorway
    5. Abandoned Love
    6. One Too Many Mornings
    7. Restless Farewell

  2. Trevor B says:

    1. Desolation Row
    2. Blind Willie McTell
    3. Mr. Tambourine Man
    4. All Along The Watchtower
    5. Like A Rolling Stone
    6. Jokerman
    7. Every Grain Of Sand

  3. Mr. Tambourine Man
    Stuck inside of Mobile
    Its alright Ma
    Desolation Row
    Idiot Wind
    Change my way of Thinking
    I dreamed i saw St. Augustine
    Forgetful Heart
    Honest with Me
    Seeing the real you at last.

  4. 1. Angelina
    2. What Can I Do For You?
    3. Red River Shore
    4. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands
    5. Jokerman
    6. Where Are You Tonight?
    7. Tangled Up In Blue

  5. Paul says:

    1. Tangled Up In Blue
    2. Isis (Live ’75)
    3. Red River Shore
    4. Idiot Wind
    5. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
    6. Summer Days
    7. Desolation Row

  6. ninecurses says:

    1. Rolling Stone
    2. Visions of Johanna (live/Biograph)
    3. Sooner or Later
    4. Blind Willie McTell
    5. It’s all over Now Baby Blue
    6. Memphis Blues Again
    7. Desolation Row

  7. Lawrence-J says:

    Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)
    Caribbean Wind
    My Back Pages
    I’m Not There
    Idiot Wind
    Foot Of Pride

  8. Aron says:

    1. Girl From The North Country.
    2. Talkin’ World War Three Blues.
    3. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands.
    4. Lonesome Day Blues.
    5. Momma, You’ve Been On My Mind.
    6. Most Of The Time.
    7. Balled Of A Thin Man.

  9. Elston Gunn says:

    this is impossible but I’ll try
    1. Buckets of Rain
    2. Times they are a’changin
    3. Abandoned Love
    4. Desolation Row
    5. Property of Jesus
    6. Wedding Song
    7. Never Say Goodbye
    Honorable Mention : Yea! heavy and a Bottle of Bread -With a title like this it has to be good !
    400 other songs that could be in the top 7 .

  10. Dennis says:

    1. Queen Jane Approximately
    2. Every Grain of Sand (barking dog version)
    3. You’re a Big Girl Now
    4. I Shall Be Released
    5. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
    6. My Back Pages
    7. Jokerman
    8. Desolation Row
    9. Fourth Time Around
    10. Idiot Wind

  11. ric says:

    1. All along the watchtower
    2. Tangled up in Blue
    3. Highway 61 Revisited
    4. Is your love in vain?
    5. visions of johanna
    6. love sick
    7. desolation row

  12. Vincent says:

    1. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
    2. Abandoned Love
    3. Desolation Row
    4. Ain’t Talkin’
    5. Shelter from the Storm
    6. It’s Alright Ma, I’m Only Bleeding
    7. One Too Many Mornings

  13. Nick says:

    1. Blind Willie McTell
    2. Not Dark Yet
    3. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
    4. All Along The Watchtower
    5. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
    6. Ain’t Talkin
    7. Ballad of A Thin Man

    • Karen says:

      1. Wanted Man
      2. Chimes Of Freedom
      3. Workingman’s Blues
      4. Mississippi
      5. Ain’t Talkin’
      6. Hard Rain
      7. Desolation Row

  14. Romeo says:

    1 Like a Rolling Stone
    2 Desolation Row
    3 Dont think twice its all right
    4 Forever Young
    5 Idiot Wind
    6 Rainy Day Woman
    7 Beyond Here Lies Nothing

  15. Steinar Daler says:

    1. Not Dark Yet
    2. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
    3. Desolation Row
    4. You’re A Big Girl Now
    5. Where Are You Tonight
    6. Romance In Durango
    7. Dignity

  16. Zimmy says:

    1. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
    2. Visions Of Johanna
    3. Up To Me
    4. Desolation Row
    5. Blind Willie McTell
    6. Idiot Wind
    7. Neighborhood Bully

  17. Bill says:

    4. I need to change to Red River Shore. Sorry, I need One More Cup Of Coffee 🙂

  18. Bill says:

    1. Like A Rolling Stone
    2. Visions Of Johanna
    3. Desolation Row
    4. Ain’t Talkin’
    5. Ballad Of A Thin Man
    6. Cold Irons Bound
    7. Mr. Tambourine Man

  19. 1. Workingman’s Blues
    2. Ain’t Talkin’
    3. Mississippi
    4.Desolation Row
    5. Hard Rain
    6. Mr. Tambourine Man
    7. Every Grain of Sand.

  20. DT says:

    Sorry forgot the other two!
    Just Like A Woman
    Chimes Of Freedom

  21. DT says:

    Not Dark Yet
    Queen Jane Approx
    In The Summertime
    Cross the Green Mountain
    Red River Shore

  22. 1. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream
    2. Isis
    3. Tombstone Blues
    4. Quinn The Eskimo
    5. My Wife’s Home Town
    6. Love Sick
    7. Band Of The Hand

  23. Al says:

    1) Visions of Johanna
    2) Blind Willie McTell
    3) Desolation Row
    4) Every Grain of Sand
    5) Tears of Rage
    6) Cold Irons Bound
    7) Señor

  24. Alessandra says:

    1. Like A Rolling Stone
    2. To Ramona
    3. Blind Willie McTell
    4. Moonshiner
    5. Love Sick
    6. Standing In The Doorway
    7. Tangled Up In Blue

  25. paul says:

    1: Most of the time 2: Not dark yet 3: Every grain of sand 4: Blind Willie Mc Tell 5 Like a rolling stone 6: North country blues 7:Mr.Tambourine man

  26. Robert says:

    1. Blind Willie McTell
    2.Tangled Up In Blue
    3. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
    4. Like A Rolling Stone
    5.Ballad of a Thin Man
    7. Up To Me

  27. Floater says:

    1. Get Your Rocks Off
    2. Driftin’ Too Far From Shore
    3. Early Roman Kings
    4. I Was Young When I Left Home
    5. New Danville Girl
    6. Ain’t Gonna Go To Hell For Anyvbody
    7. Honest With Me

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