The Assange case in 2 minutes

On twitter a student International Affairs spoke of an assignment to explain a news item in two minutes. I wondered could I do that in a mind map? I have chosen the Assange case, made the main branches first, used Apple dictation (a nice tool added to Mountain Lion), clocked the entries (within 2 minutes) and …voilà


About Hans Buskes

I am a professional mindmapper, I help companies map their business, I am author of two mindmap books. My clients are law firms, municipalities, banks, consultancies and high-tech companies.
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2 Responses to The Assange case in 2 minutes

  1. G Huba says:

    Impressive! [It takes me 2 minutes to write a 140 character tweet.] I’d love to see a contest on this [with content quality and artistry of resulting maps judged]. Don’t ask me — I concede before even starting.

    • Hi george, well let’s get this straight. The assignment for the students (as I read somewhere on twitter) was to present a news item in 2 minutes. I made -to test it – the mind map in such a way that you can present the case in 2 minutes. The dictation (can be done using Apple’s dictation tool) I clocked within 2 minutes, the mind map itself (drawing the branches) took roughly 10 minutes. So all in all making the mind map took 12 minutes. i am not so sure whether you should make it a contest to draw mind maps as fast as possible, because as you state it is about quality, visualisation, artistry and so on.

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