Do music critics rank Dylan albums higher than buyers do?

differences ratings critics versus buyers

That is a striking difference. Take for example the Complete Basement Tapes. Almost maximum universal acclaim for the box (99 out of 100), whereas only a 7.5 given by buyers.

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2 Responses to Do music critics rank Dylan albums higher than buyers do?

  1. Jolt Bosma says:

    It is a good question you rise. I often think that critics are afraid to get out of the tune of fellow-critics. And I think they want to be ‘fashionable’. For this last reason they want to show how much they like an artist who is fashionable now. So most of them praised ‘Tempest’ and ‘Together through life’, although they are really mediocre albums, much less inspired then ‘Time Out of Mind’ and “Love and Theft”.

    Buyers are more like the people who say ‘The emperor wears no clothes’. So they like ‘Christmas In the Heart’ more than the critics. And they are right, Jesus would have loved it too. Merry Christmas everybody!

  2. Uriah Hamilton says:

    The pool is greater in general music listeners as opposed to critics. Critics also tend to have a greater more refined musical history by which to make their judgments. I’ll trust the critics on this one.

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