Album Fallen Angels falls fast off the charts

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On the basis of the rankings in 10 countries, it is obvious that Dylan’s  second album with “Sinatra” songs, Fallen Angels, is not doing so well as the first one (Shadows in the Night). The first week entries are lower (highest in this map a number 5 position in the UK) and in the second and third week the album is quickly dropping (in 3 countries out of the top 100 charts, in 3 countries almost out of the top 100 with positions 82, 88 and 100). The albums seem to do best in Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy. Also the Metascore and user score are less than the ones for Shadows in the Night: respectively 77 versus 82 and 73 versus 76. It confirms my own judgement that Fallen Angels does not match the quality of Shadows in the Night (with the exception of the excellent Melancholy Mood).