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First impressions iOS7


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iPads in education: pros and cons

Mind mapping used to produce argument cards.

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A short history of materials used for writing

I was intrigued by a mind map made by Francesco DellaValle entitled Paper and its ancestors. Francesco agreed that the ordering could be improved, so I made this mind map to improve the ordering (and not to give a complete … Continue reading

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Measuring Apple’s performance: a mind map dashboard


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Mental map mind map apps for iPad

Mental Map © Hans Buskes Chuck Frey made a visual analysis of available mind maps apps for the iPad and concludes that ” there are many developers fighting for the lowest end of the market” and that there are not … Continue reading

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Think twice before you buy a mind map app

Not only the iPad is hot, the same is true for mind map apps for the iPad. Right now there are almost twenty. Although all kinds of blogs mention top 5 lists of mind map apps, the majority is of … Continue reading

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An architect’s view on the ipad

I sat in the Coffee Company, working on my iPad, enjoying a double espresso, facing a woman. Suddenly she said: “Do you like your iPad?” “Yes, I do.” “Well”, she continued, “I have been thinking about buying one, but I … Continue reading

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