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Everything is a remix (about Jobs & Dylan)

A very interesting TED talk about how we copy nonstop and at the same time as Kirby Ferguson states “have a strong predisposition towards protecting what we feel is ours”. Scan QR-code for the TED video.

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Spreading ideas? Yes, the conversational way

Mind Map © Hans Buskes Picture Richard Wurman © Eirik Solheim (used under creative common license) TED Talks over the hill? I hear millions of people shouting ‘No!’. Anyway, read this mind map and think about it at least. The … Continue reading

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Achieving epic wins in the real world

Mind Map © Hans Buskes This is mind map of the TED talk by Jane McGonigal Gaming for a better world. I used her inspiring book Reality is broken as an extra information source.

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Not smart: announcing your goals

Mind Map © Hans Buskes If you announce your goals, it’s more difficult to achieve them. Interesting TED talk by Derek Sivers. He’s talking about personal goals, but doesn’t this logic apply to business goals as well?

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TED talk Abundance is our future

Mind Map © Hans Buskes I watched this marvellous TED talk of Peter Diamandis and then tried to mind map it from memory. Made the visuals afterwards. Diamandis thinks that the media are full of bad news, because our mind … Continue reading

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