Bob Dylan FAQs, facts and statistics


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Map is inspired by the new book Bob Dylan FAQ by Bruce Pollock (the book has been uptil now under the radar and deserves more attention). The data are partly from this book, the Bob Dylan website and the setlistwiki. Please note that the data of the number of times songs are played differ in the sources used.


  • The song being played live most ever isĀ  All along the watchtower (2257, compare e.g. Jumpin Jack Flash has been played 1130 times by the Rolling Stones)
  • A lot of songs of New Morning have not been played live once (Pollock calls them “songs in mothballs”) and not suprisingly New Morning is in the top 4 most neglected albums (number one is Knocked out loaded)
  • “Sinatra” covers are moving up quickly in the top 10 most played covers by Bob Dylan (Why try to change me now is on number one)

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